Caving and a Real Food gem

Yesterday as a family we hiked the Alum Cove Natural Bridge Recreation Area in the Ozark Forests of Arkansas. It was a nice mile hike and we saw a natural bridge (hence the name of the place) and we also climbed some rock outcroppings into a shallow cave. I couldn’t help thinking that we were violating the peace and quiet of the woods with our noisy brood…but maybe the trees and rocks can take it better than us humans:-)

On the way home through Jasper, AR, we spied a promising restaurant. We weren’t going to stop but to find a restaurant in a tiny mid-Arkansas town that was boasting local farm food was too good to pass up. A bit emptier wallet and food induced coma later we were glad we had stopped at the Arkansas House. Great food, all organic or local.

Back at camp we found out from a fellow camper that the place to hike and explore was the Lost Valley State Park. Even though it was late in the afternoon, my husband, Nate, couldn’t resist the adventure of bigger and better hiking and caves. So he loaded up our three oldest, Cade, Jack and Maggie and they set off for more adventures…headlamps in hand. Charlotte, who was still sleeping and who probably wouldn’t have made the extra 2.4 mile hike, stayed home with me. The crew came home well after dark, having found their caves and having survived Maggie’s piercing screams when one of the headlamps went out during their crawl from one cave into another. They had a little fireside chat about panic attacks and how big brothers should not respond with their own yelling tantrums:-) All in all the kids were glad they got to go.


About Melanie Christner NTP, CGP

I am a Nutritional Therapist & GAPS Practitioner in the Green Mountains of Vermont. I help families gain back their energy, digestive health, and robust immune systems...using targeted lab testing paired with nutrient dense whole foods. Find out more at
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1 Response to Caving and a Real Food gem

  1. Brian Christner says:

    Nice… I don’t know how much experience you have with story writing… but I hope you stick with it. You have such a treasure trove of stories developing right in front of you because of the age of your kids. I think you should use exact names and even addresses in your stories of restaurants etc. In this internet world those addresses are a key for people interest in your blog.

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