New Friends

The day after Christmas we were hanging around the trailer having some post Christmas fun. Our host was away and Nate had stepped out. There is virtually no traffic on our host Kyle’s road so I was surprised mid-afternoon to see a woman walking down Kyle’s driveway. I poked my head out, saw an RV at the end of the driveway and asked if she was looking for Kyle.

Thus began a friendship with Louis and Mirielle, a French couple and their two young boys, who are traveling in the U.S. for 6 months, WWOOFing and sightseeing. They ended up staying at Kyle’s place for a week and talked us into following them to the next farm when we were done at Kyle’s.

We have many wonderful conversations with Mirielle. She speaks fluent English but her husband and boys are just learning. We talk about education, philosophy, religion, child-rearing, non-violent communication and our culture’s differences and similarities. We learn French words…which we seem to forget the next day:) We learned that certain four letter words that have to do with excrement are understood in French or English, as my husband and Louis did their best to work together and communicate.

We shared a meal in our small trailer (10 people!), and shared stories of our lives. Louis was a dairy farmer.  Mirielle teaches foot reflexology and had a small Montessori school. Other days we play games with all of the children…language doesn’t seem to be a barrier to having childlike fun.

Our lives are richer because of the perspectives that new friends bring.


About Melanie Christner NTP, CGP

I am a Nutritional Therapist & GAPS Practitioner in the Green Mountains of Vermont. I help families gain back their energy, digestive health, and robust immune systems...using targeted lab testing paired with nutrient dense whole foods. Find out more at
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3 Responses to New Friends

  1. Brian Christner says:

    The higher the risk the greater the reward…

  2. Hey, I didn’t know you were blogging! I don’t know how I missed this fact. However, I can’t wait to follow your journey now. I have loved the stories I’ve seen so far. Miss you much!

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