Growing Grass Polyculture Style At The Walking J Farm

We followed Louis and Mireille Roux to Walking J Farm in Amado, AZ. We have been here two weeks and are loving it.

The lineup –

Including our hosts, Jim and Tina, there are four families…twelve kids, and two single WWOOFers. Our kids are in hog heaven with all the playmates available.

As far as WWOOFing goes this farm has been great. There is laundry on-site and all the pastured chicken and beef we could want. Nearby is Forever Yong Farm for our fresh salad greens, carrots and Napa cabbage. Nate works full days here, 5 days a week, which gives me freedom to do farm work around my housekeeping and homeschooling tasks.

What we have been doing here –

Chicken processing day happens every two weeks (150 birds every other Monday!):

Game night on Saturdays

For our Maggie’s 6th birthday party we had a potluck and campfire cookout with everyone. Mireille played the accordion and Casey played the harmonica, which prompted dancing by the little girls.

There is also the daily interaction between moms, dads, and kids…including an easy but steady flow of farm work. Farm work has included daily moving of the chicken “tractors”, animal care and feeding, preparing new garden acreage, fence building, seed planting, plowing fields for new grass planting, etc. It is more than a full-time job to build a farm like this from scratch.

Our hosts, Jim and Tina, took the plunge into sustainable agriculture (grass based polyculture) about a year and a half ago. Jim grew up ranching, and has been in several agriculturally based business ventures as well as owning a fabrication shop and general contracting company. Tina has been a Montessori teacher and teaches yoga. Their farm, Walking J Farm, is what is called a polyculture farm and produces pastured broilers, turkeys and beef. They are also growing their egg and pig production. With their goats, Tina is hoping to begin having milk for their family. Eventually they would like to have cows for a raw milk herdshare program. (Yeah!)

Real Food In the Airstream Kitchen

I have started my first brew of authentic ginger ale and I have been making lots of broths and soups with the meats and bones available here. I also made a chicken liver pate’ out of the pastured chicken livers from “chicken” day. If you are curious about why we would want to eat liver read here.


About Melanie Christner NTP, CGP

I am a Nutritional Therapist & GAPS Practitioner in the Green Mountains of Vermont. I help families gain back their energy, digestive health, and robust immune systems...using targeted lab testing paired with nutrient dense whole foods. Find out more at
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3 Responses to Growing Grass Polyculture Style At The Walking J Farm

  1. Lori says:

    That looks simply amazing! I can only imagine the giggles and screams of the kids – endless opportunities for learning and creative play. Be blessed!

  2. Brian Christner says:

    cool stuff Mel… I think that is what you went to the southwest for.

    • Thank you, Brian.
      The weather did hold some sway in our decision, but the Southwest is also where a lot of grass roots movements have started for sustainability, natural building, ecological farming and the like. Our states are so diverse!

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