What a feeling…

Tomorrow morning we hit the road for Vermont!

Emotions are riding high, especially amongst the micro-homo-sapiens in the family.  If I remember I’ll snap a picture or two of our “caravan”.

We move forward into the future…both laying down and taking in hand our destinies…knowing only that it will be quite a ride.



About Melanie Christner NTP, CGP

I am a Nutritional Therapist & GAPS Practitioner in the Green Mountains of Vermont. I help families gain back their energy, digestive health, and robust immune systems...using targeted lab testing paired with nutrient dense whole foods. Find out more at www.honestbody.com
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3 Responses to What a feeling…

  1. Vesna says:

    Have fun starting your new journey!!!!


  2. Nicol says:

    hey there! It’s linds. I’ve site blocked myself from facebook, and want to be in touch with you all. Have some questions on nuts/phytic acid/gaps too . . shoot me an email @ lindseybadger@gmail.com looking forward to hearing about you and your crew!

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