About Tripping

Tripping awake…as in waking up is hard to do and sometimes you trip in the process…not necessarily graceful. Or…”My family and I are taking one big road TRIP and living in an Airstream travel trailer with a brood of four, plus hubby, is “trippy.”

This blog is for sharing my personal journey as well as being somewhat of a “Grandparents corner” for sharing the literal journey of my family around the U.S. this year. It is for sharing my passion for finding local food and transposing a traditional whole foods diet against our corporate agricultural food matrix. It is for sharing the things I learn whether I asked to or not, as well as the things I want to learn…like nutrition and homesteading, the history of America pre-1492, ancient diets, non-violent communication, and how to ask good questions…among other things.

I am a human, a woman, a wife to an incredibly inspiring guy, and a mother of four great kids.

…And this year, a traveler. My husband and I have sold our home, business and most of our possessions to take to the road for awhile with our kids. We reside in a 34′ Airstream Excella travel trailer.

I care about honest things. Honest food, honest school, honest finances, honest homes, honest consumption, honest products, honest friends, honest religion.


5 Responses to About Tripping

  1. Doris Yon says:

    Glad to hear about your trip. Hope you enjoy it as you might go thru some hardship while travelling. Be healthy and happy. 🙂

  2. tracy says:

    I just found your site and love it! What you’re doing is a BIG dream of mine: take off with the kids… in an Airstream… doing Gaps… visiting organic farms. Enjoy — and keep posting! Cheers, Tracy from Barcelona, Spain

    • Hello Tracy! Thanks for the encouragement. And I hope you get to live your dream of traveling. I personally would like to travel Europe some day! Are you a native of Spain or did you move there from elsewhere? Would love to find out more about Spain.


  3. Roxane says:

    Hey I somehow stumbled onto your blog.I know your husbands family and I’m sure he remembers my family. The Martin family from Wisconsin.I have a bunch of questions about the Chaffin Farm in California. Can you email me? jimrox4@gmail dot com


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